"Beamerball' Lives On with Current Hokies

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BLACKSBURG (WSLS-10 SPORTS)- The spirit of Beamerball will live on in Virginia Tech football, and it will be able to be seen in a tangible way on the field. Coach Beamer's number 25 will be worn by a selected special teams player every week, to pay tribute to the legendary coach who made special teams a priority before it was popular to do so.  According to Coach Fuente the Hokies will likely be naming the chosen player on Thursday of game week.

" Me--particularly being around here as long as I've been and now in Coach Beamer I know he'd be thrilled and be honored by that recognition and somebody wearing that jersey I think that makes a big statement to kind a tie in the old with the new and I was keeping with the tradition of being dynamic you know on special teams so I think that's a pretty neat deal, "says Hokies Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster.