LCA keeps football tradition alive with new head coach

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - A family football tradition continues at Liberty Christian Academy this season.

New this year, the 2015 head football coachFrank Rocco passed the torch to his son Chris.

On Friday nights, you'll still find Frank on the sidelines of LCA games, but now he sits with his grandson, Mitchell.

For the first year since 2004, Frank is solely wearing his athletic director hat and Chris has stepped up to head coach.

"The emotions of getting out of coaching are difficult, you know, especially when you've been in it for that long, but then to be able to pass it onto your son who you know will carry it on, in his own way, but still in the traditions that we've kind of developed here in our program, so it's made it a very special transition for sure," Frank explained.

Chris points out that his dad's leadership is still part of the Liberty Christian program since he spent several years on his dad's coaching staff.

"I have the opportunity to come back and coach under him and most sons don't get to work for their dads, so that was a tremendous blessing for five years and now it's an honor to take over for him," said Chris.

Chris says the biggest lesson he learned from his did is being prepared for games, practices and even meetings.

"I've been taught by the best and feel confident that what he has poured into me I will now have a chance to pour to other people."

"Chris is such a special person in that he truly utilizes sports as a tool to just help young men to grow in their walk. It's certainly wins and losses in championships, but he looks at it in so much broader scope," Frank said.

In his new role, Chris says his focus is now developing local rivalries since entering the VHSL.

While that move was a major milestone in LCA sports history, Bulldog Nation hopes many more are on the horizon.

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