Hokies Run Game Comes Alive in ACC Opener

BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10 SPORTS) - In their ACC opener on Saturday the Hokies played at the level in which they expect to play each and every week, efficient and effective with a pass and run attack, importantly just one turnover.

"We didn't eliminate all mistakes but for one week we were a more disciplined football team," said Coach Justin Fuente.

"We've got to continue to improve in that manner in order to give ourselves a chance in the future."

"I think the guys are getting a taste of what we can do," said quarterback Jerod Evans.

"I don't think the guys have seen those explosive offense just by talking to him and putting 49 points up that's something new to the guys but I think that's just a little taste of what we can do if we hold on to the ball."

The offense had their usual contributions from Bucky Hodges and Isaiah Ford but the run game also came alive. Five different backs ran the ball Saturday giving the Hokies 223 yards on the ground. Marshawn Williams led with 81.

"It was unique to see him kind of run like he did freshman year and to have some runs and break a lot of times and think that it's exciting to see him getting back to his old self," said wide receiver Isaiah Ford.

Coach Fuente says it was nice to see execution on the offensive side of the ball this week but that's just one short-term goal leading up to a long-term goal this season.

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