The Changing Complexion of JGR

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It was a rather quiet off-season in the world of NASCAR until early January when one driver decided to turn off his engine. Some were taken by surprise like Kyle Busch.

"I was just as shocked as anybody", said the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion.

Others were not too surprised such as Matt Kenseth.

"After I think about it it doesn't totally shock me."

Carl Edwards departure certainly left us scratching our heads, after making it clear that it's not an official retirement. Now with the 37 year old out of the drivers seat, the complexion of Joe Gibbs racing will certainly be different this season.

"I like the direction our team is moving, we are getting younger but everyone from the management on down is getting younger", said JGR driver Denny Hamlin.

In comes 25 year old Daniel Suarez, the sports first ever fulltime driver from Mexico. The reigning XFINITY Series champ was happy to get the rather unusual call in the off-season.

"I believe that I'm a quick learner. I work very hard for everything that I put in my mind and I just make sure I get it done and that's just the way I am", said Suarez.

No doubt their are lessons to be learned but the rest of the team says they're ready to assist.

Kyle Busch said, "I think he's a fiery young guy he definitely asks a lot of questions and enjoys being able to learn about it and that's really important for him to help develop his career."

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