Wood Brothers Racing Full Time with Blaney

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Charlotte (WSLS-10 Sports)- It's the second year that Ryan Blaney is competing full-time with the Wood Brothers, and in the off-season the legendary race team decided to take advantage of their alliance with team Penske.  The race team moved its shop from Harrisburg, North Carolina to Mooresville, North Carolina to be closer to team Penske.

"You're pretty much on the same road the whole way so that is going to make it a lot simpler, I think it will increase our alliance with the Penske group and really bring us closer which is always beneficial.  When you can be closer to a team like that so I think that was a great move for the Wood brothers and I'm happy I got to be a part of that, "explains Wood Brothers driver Ryan Blaney.

Blaney finished 20th in the Cup standings in 2016. He looks to continue to improve this season and get back to the winning ways of his team owners.. Leonard and Glen Wood, who are both members of the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

"Yeah just to be part of the Wood Brothers has been amazing, we've been with them for 2 years now it's been very humbling to me to know the history of the Wood brothers and being in the sport as long as they have, they have a lot of stories," says Blaney.