Bimbo Coles to be guest speaker at Commonwealth games

A former Olympian and NBA star is coming to Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. –    The Virginia Commonwealth games return to the area this summer, with Liberty University set to host the 2017 edition.   Heading into its 27th year, the games will include former Hokies and NBA star as well as Olympian Bimbo Coles. The longtime NBA player will be the opening ceremonies speaker.  He will also host a mini-clinic for about 75 aspiring basketball players the weekend of the opening ceremonies.  New Commonwealth games President Dan Foutz is thrilled to have Coles on board.

   "He had such a long career, a well-traveled person in the NBA, but as we mentioned today many people forget he did play in the Olympics, that was prior to the professional players being allowed to play in the Olympics, so that was the last all college team. Again, me knowing him personally he just quietly did it. He was one of those types of athletes. He was talented. He respected the game. And he still does, and he's ready to get involved," says Foutz.

  The Commonwealth games opening ceremonies are set for Fdiay evening, July 21.   More than 9,600 athletes competed in the 2016 games, with more than 55 different Olympic and Pan American sports being offered.