Brookville building a hive full of gold

Consistency has been key for Bees

LYNCHBURG, Va. – When you visit Brookville High School, it's clear that the Bees have been hard at work building a hive full of gold.

"We just know that it's going to be a good year every year because of the coaches and the team," said senior Megan Dray. 

The team has reached the state championship for the past three years, claiming sweet back-to-back wins in 2014 and 2015. Since starting their run, Brookville has only five losses over the course of four years. Consistency has been at the forefront, and it's something coach Ferguson said the players have been striving for.

"They come to work every day and their work ethic is good. We try to stay loose, we get tight sometimes, but for the most part we just try to stay loose," said coach Gary Ferguson.

The senior class in particular has been part of the team's rise to the top and is proud to see the wins exceed the losses. 

"We've grown up together and played well together, and just have the confidence and capability to be able to work together even through the hard times. I think that's what has kept us together the past four years," said senior Jordan Dail. She's signed on to play for Virginia Tech.

"We know we have a legacy to continue since freshman year, and I think all the girls that have been in the program for four years, two years or even the freshman this year, have been really special this year. I think a lot goes to coach Ferg and a lot to our coaches. Just the legacy we've started since freshman year has been awesome," said UNC bound Megan Dray.

Success runs deeper than just wins and losses in Brookville. The Bees have four players moving on to the college ranks, three of whom will play on division one squads.

"It's great to have kids in college, and hopefully I get a chance to see them before their four years are up," said Ferguson. 

As the Bees continue in region play, they hope to make their fourth consecutive championship appearance, and in the process let everyone feel the sting.

"We play Brookville softball. We don't care who we're playing with or against. It's all about us," said Dray. 

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