Phil Mickelson headlines field in Greenbrier Classic return

The golf tournament is back after flood damage cancelled it in 2016

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV – Last year, the floods wiped away any hope of holding the Greenbrier Classic, but this year, the tournament has returned, and headlining this year's field is Greenbrier PGA Tour Ambassador Phil Mickelson.

"This community has done an amazing job of helping to rebuild in a year, and I think nothing showcases this more than what this golf course, the Old White TPC, has done. It's symbolic of what the entire community has done here in West Virginia to rebuild from the flooding," Mickelson said.

As the state was healing after the devastating damage left from the flood, the resort was getting to work, not just to make the Old White course playable, but to make it better than ever. 

"Mr. Justice immediately advised us all that he was not going to do a band-aid approach on the Old White TPC. That golf course opened in 1914, and his marching orders from the very beginning was that he wants a complete restoration," Greenbrier director of golf Burt Baine said.

"I can't say enough for our crew. Our crew didn't go on vacation, they didn't do anything. They worked over 100 hours a week putting this thing back together," Greenbrier golf pro Emeritus Lee Trevino said.

Activities for Greenbrier Classic week start Monday, July 3, the tournament starts on July 6.