Pulaski Yankees gearing up for opening day

New manager and stadium upgrades for Yankees

PULASKI, Va. – Baseball is in the air  as the Pulaski Yankees get set for opening day on Thursday night -- with a new manager and more updates to Calfee Park.

"It's all about the players" -- those the words of the Yankees' new skipper, Luis Dorante. He is familiar with developing young talent after having more than 20 years of managerial experience in the minor leagues. It's a challenge he said he enjoys taking on.

"Make sure these guys get the information we give them, and they process it and hopefully they can put them in play during the game," said Dorante.

Dorante has managed countless players who have moved on to the majors, including New York standout Aaron Judge. Players said that gives them confidence that he can help them reach the same goal.

"He's a great manager, too. When he was in Charleston, I heard nothing but great things. He's a nice guy and seems to really work with the players a lot, you know, he cares about the players and stuff," said pitcher Tyler Honahan.

"Yes, we're just trying to keep asking questions to get the most of him. He's a very experienced man in baseball, so I'm just trying to get the most out of him," said catcher Victor Rey.

Another motivating factor for the players is facility upgrades. In the off-season, $500,000 was spent on a new front office, bermuda grass on the field, an upper concourse and new covered seating for fans.

"Renovations are to enhance the players' experience here before they make it to the next part of the league, but also just encourage fans to come back or if folks haven't been here before," said general manager Blair Hoke.

The Yankees will get the 2017 season underway Thursday night against Princeton. 

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