Beamer, Nehlan to serve as honorary captains

Hokies use former coach as teaching tool

BLACKSBURG, Va. – When Virginia Tech and West Virginia take the field to renew their rivalry on Sept. 3, the two teams will have legendary coaches serving as special captains.

"I'm deeply honored Justin [Fuente] and Whit [Babcock] allowed me to be the honorary captain," said former Virginia Tech coach, Frank Beamer.

Beamer will be on hand to represent the Hokies in the pregame coin flip and on the other side will be long-time Mountaineer coach, Don Nehlen. The two coaches went head-to-head 14 times during their tenure, with Beamer having the winning record of 9-5.

"We always got along great. Always had a lot of respect for him and thought he did a great job there. Sometimes our fans didn't get along so well, but I think even with that, there's a lot of respect," Beamer said.

Current head coach Justin Fuente said having Beamer be a part of the game is important, and will serve as an educational tool for the team.

"Our approach to the game remains the same, in terms of it being about our preparation and our emotion and accountability to each other but, this is a little bit different in terms of us taking an educational step," Fuente said.

"Just to paint the picture of what it's like when you play in a game like this, that has been dormant for so long."

Fuente said the team is shifting its focus strictly on West Virginia this week and that the depth chart is starting to fill for the big game on Sept. 3.

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