Northside graduate finds success in drag racing

Taylor Dunahoo displays car at Racin' and Roddin' International Car Show

ROANOKE, Va. – The Virginia Museum of Transportation hosted the Racin' and Roddin' International Car Show this weekend. Besides the car show, it also displayed drag racing cars. 

One of those on display belongs to Taylor Dunahoo, a graduate of Northside High School who placed 7th in the IHRA world rankings. She's looking to further her drag racing career while looking for sponsors. For Dunahoo, racing is family affair that began at a young age.

"My dad raced for years before I was born, and when I was little I saw the movie Right on Track on Disney Channel, I learned about Erica Enders when she was a junior dragster and I saw it and I met him out in our driveway and said, 'I had to have one,' so from there is where it started.