Former Danville Braves, Charlie Morton and Evan Gattis, now World Champions with Houston Astros

LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlie Morton and Evan Gattis
LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlie Morton and Evan Gattis

DANVILLE, Va. – Two Major League Baseball players who used to call Legion Field in Danville home are now World Champions.

Houston Astros Charlie Morton and Evan Gattis are both former Danville Braves.

Morton played in Danville in 2003, while Gattis played more recently, in 2010.

“Given their strong work ethics and positive attitudes, we knew if they stayed healthy, they could achieve success at the Major League level. We’re always happy to see our former players perform well at the highest level," Braves general manager David Cross said.

Although the Danville Braves are the Rookie-Advanced Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, Morton was traded from the Braves organization to the Pittsburgh Pirates, then the Philadelphia Phillies. The Houston Astros then signed him as a free agent in Nov. 2016.

Gattis was traded by the Atlanta Braves in January 2015 to the Houston Astros.

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