Blacksburg High school raises over $22,000 in food for families in need

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Blacksburg’s High School students are bringing some joy to families in our area. The students have been creating 600 Thanksgiving baskets over the past few weeks in time for the holidays. 

They have collected nearly $23,000 in food that will be given to families for their Thanksgiving meal. 

The recipients of the baskets are children in the school who receive reduced lunches and families in the area who cannot afford to eat over Thanksgiving break.

In preparation for making the baskets, High school has organized food drives and asked local businesses for donations. To help distribute the baskets, this school is working with law enforcement  agencies that deliver the baskets throughout the county. One student shared the importance of the annual project.

“It is important because I am helping a fellow Bruin,” Neha Hudait, president of the Student Council Association, said. “I am helping kids from the elementary schools and people in my local community.” She said she loves that her and Blacksburg High are able to provide meals for people during this time.

The schools organizations assist with the creating the baskets, which include items such as canned ham, stuffing, pie crusts and other nonperishables. Every part of  the process, from the planning phase to distribution day, takes place at Blacksburg high school. 


The school is continuing to accept funds and food donations until next Tuesday. If you would like to donate be sure to reach out to Blacksburg high.