Galax back in familiar state territory

Maroon Tide reach third final 4 in four seasons

     Galax's formula for success is different than some other schools in the Class 1 ranks. They play a tough schedule early, and look to slowly improve. The wins and losses are clearly less important than gaining valuable experience and depth during those non-district contests. It's a big reason they have advanced to their third final four in a four-year span.

   Coach Mark Dixon's gang will host the state semifinal against Chilhowie.  Both teams are 10-3 and Galax has proven they aren't easily rattled.  They've got a senior class that will be playing their 66th football game in four seasons.  So this Maroon Tide team doesn't run from trouble and it doesn't panic.

    "Sometimes I worry I want them to be a little more excited but then that's just not their nature. But it is wonderful when another team scores and they don't get down either so I just want them to be having fun.  I think I get to see the fun on the bus ride home with how excited they are that they're getting to play another week couldn't be any prouder of them," Coach Dixon said.

    Galax lost senior star running back Dougie Peoples to an injury, but that didn't slow them down. Freshman Keaton Beeman picked up the slack in the Tide's playoff win over Narrows. 

      "It's just like, it doesn't matter who goes in or who plays. It isn't going to matter.  Galax is going to do what they need to do. It don't matter who's in there,-" Beeman said.

        "It feels great it takes a lot of work and you know we just want to make sure we can get to the finals and win," Galax lineman Christian Brown said.

     Chilhowie and Galax are scheduled to kick at 3 p.m. on Saturday from Galax.