Railyard Dawgs transitioning well under new head coach

Roanoke is looking for second half push under Dan Bremner

ROANOKE – Dan Bremner took over the Railyard Dawgs program about a month ago, since then the team has a record of 4-5-1 and everyone is getting use to the transition.

"The players have been really receptive. Obviously it's tough for them, everything changes, new systems as well. It takes time but the overall identity of the team I think they're buying into really quickly which is definitely good," said Bremner.
"He's out there, he showing us he's intense just in the practice of what he does and what he wants. So a guy that's fresh out the game, he understands how is players feel. As a young guy, he's learning. It's a learning process for all of us. But we're kind of taking it in stride as a group, as one whole group together, and we're making baby steps as we go here," said defenseman Joe Sova.

The Dawgs fell short of making the SPHL playoffs last season. A team goal this year is to have a strong second half push for the postseason.

"Lot of hockey left and obviously one big goal is that we want to be in the playoffs. But beyond that, I try to treat it more of a process and as long as we are doing the right things every day on the ice, eventually that will translate into wins, and it'll translate into bigger goals," Bremner added.

The Dawgs next game is Friday night against Fayetteville at the Berglund Center.