Top curling bloopers from the 2018 Games


Curling is a beautiful game of grace, poise and manners. But sometimes, fans are treated to something more. 

While it takes impeccable balance to throw the stone and avoid other rocks while sweeping, even Olympic level curlers are prone to the occasional slip, trip and fall.




Sometimes, they even throw their brooms around (on accident, of course!).



Even mixed doubles gold medalist Kaitlyn Lawes had her brief moment of imperfection.



But we shouldn't make fun of the curlers, who are only trying to do their best. In the end, the game is very elegant, and the athletes portray that on the ice in the best way.



Whether curlers were perfect or had the occasional mistake, at the end of the day, all of them get a halftime snack, and that's what is truly important.