Top curling video and social media moments


For nearly three straight weeks, curling dominated the Olympic airwaves, and while the U.S., Sweden and Canada all came away with gold medals, there were still plenty of highlights away from the ice.

In the mixed doubles tournament, fans were introduced to Team USA's #HamFam, Matt and Becca Hamilton, who became instant sensations. Matt was even confused for some other celebrities, as people tried to nail down exactly who he looked like.

Hamilton also became popular for his very patriotic shoe game.


He taught everyone the finer points of "broomstacking" with Canadian mixed doubles gold medalist John Morris.


And he got to "meet" his hero, Aaron Rodgers... of course only through Twitter (for now!)


Curlers gained many famous friends and fans during these Olympics. Hamilton became BFFs with J.J. Watt.


And the sport became a huge hit with actor, and legend, Mr. T.


In the women's tournament, fans were introduced to Japan's "sunshine team," who were all all smiles on the way to their bronze medal win.


In the men's tournament, we got an inside look into Tyler George, of Team USA, and his lucky socks that brought super powers.


Curling also embraced Korea and K-pop,


their inner dragon,


and joined forces with Mario.


We learned where curling stones come from.


And met the man who keeps the ice in tip-top shape.


We also learned what curlers do to keep in tip-top shape.



And at the end of the day, we topped it off with a rousing game of curling bingo!