Jamar Lovelace introduced as new Fleming football coach

Lovelace leaving the Hill City for the Star City

ROANOKE, Va. – "We have a lot of making up to do."

That's the message from the new head coach of the William Fleming Colonels, Jamar Lovelace. 

Lovelace is coming to the Star City from the Hill City, having spent the last seven years as a defensive coordinator at E.C. Glass for head coach Jeff Woody. The 30-year-old coach is a graduate of Brookville High School and Hampden-Sydney College. While he cherishes those memories, the Fleming opening was an opportunity Lovelace couldn't pass up.

"I like the opportunity to rebuild a program and I look forward to the challenge. I don't take the responsibility lightly; I know it's a big responsibility and we got a lot of hard work ahead of us," Lovelace said.

"I'm very used to hard work and can't wait to start full time so I can get to working very hard."

Current Fleming senior Jayvon Jones hopes that Lovelace's impression goes beyond the gridiron.

"He has everything that goes, you know, to make my teammates better people, better men and just better athletes; to just go help them out. Mold them into a better person and just ... create great futures for them," Jones said.

A major goal of Lovelace is to bring opportunities to the student-athletes here beyond high school. Of course, he remembers the word "student" comes first, so it all starts in the classroom.

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