Roanoke Rising Stars making progress

The semipro basketball team held a talent showcase

ROANOKE, Va. – Earlier this year, local basketball coach Eric Walker was given the green light in forming an American Basketball Association team in Roanoke. Over the past few months, the team has held tryouts throughout the region, including ones in Danville and Harrisonburg. 

The team held a showcase tryout Sunday at Countryside Sportsplex in Roanoke. About 30 guys were on hand hoping to to impress coaches and spectators and  make the 20-man roster. The ABA has unique rules that allow for a faster pace, so being physically fit is a big component. Head coach Eric Walker says having the right guys both on and off the court is crucial. 

"With the turnout I wasn't really necessarily looking for major numbers. I just wanted quality players to fit this style basketball and the folks really don't understand the style is different than any other game," Walker said.

"It's guard-loaded, it's up and down the floor and it's high intensity. It's a lot of show, a lot of high flying players, it's a lot of catch and shoot type action, transition. And, you know, you have to have the right person, a person that's in shape.

The Rising Stars are still on track to play in the 2018-2019 season, with their first game slated for Nov. 4. 

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