Roanoke Disc Golf teaches 10 Sports Alyssa Rae how to play

Alyssa Rae battles intern Josh Gann in disc golf

ROANOKE, Va. – If you haven't heard of disc golf yet, you will. It's a sport growing in popularity. The terminology is similar to golf, but the game is much different.

"The sport started with two small courses around here and a handful of people who knew what it was. Basically in the past five years it's taken off," said Roanoke Disc Golf Vice President Andrew Joseph.

In an attempt to grasp the concept of this sport everyone is talking about, I met with Andrew, who showed me the ropes.

"You are driving, which are long-distance throws where basically you come across your body rotating and then releasing the disc out," he said.

Once he told me the basics, its was time to put my new knowledge to use and play the first hole. It wasn't pretty by any means.

After multiple attempts, I finally got the hang of it, kind of.

Once I've had formal instruction it was time to put my skills to the test. To do so, I took on WSLS Sports intern Josh Gann, who is also inexperienced, but not as much.

Okay, he's only played twice. So Andrew coached us up through the competition.

The trees were definitely not Josh's friend, and they certainly weren't mine.
After our embarrassing outing, we decided to leave it to the professionals. Members of Roanoke Disc Golf made it look very easy. But as I quickly learned, it wasn't.

Josh finished +5, I finished +9. We only played two holes. Therefore the intern took Disc Golf glory, for now.

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