New era of Redskins football on horizon

Redskins training camp started today in Richmond

Redskins quarterback Alex Smith.
Redskins quarterback Alex Smith.

RICHMOND, Va. – A new era of Redskins football strolled into camp Thursday morning in the person of veteran quarterback Alex Smith. The former overall No. 1 pick takes the reins of a 7-9 team after the off-season trade from Kansas City. 

"I think the important thing at this time of the year is to remain shortsighted. I felt like we had great competition, and the only way we're going to get where we need to be is through great competition," said Smith. "Here at camp, we're practicing against each other for the next couple of weeks, and we have to have great work. We gotta make each other better." 

According to tight end Jordan Reed, Smith knows how to take command of the offense. 

"He's a great leader and a great person," said Reed. "He knows what's going on to a T, so it's exciting."

Smith enters his 14th season with a new set of teammates, but at least one familiar set of hands to throw to in veteran tight end Vernon Davis, who spent six seasons with Smith in San Francisco.

"It's been a while for Alex and I," said Davis. "It's all about coming out here and putting it all together, making sure the synergy is there and we're doing our very best to continue to get better. That's all it's about, but it starts out here."

According to Smith, there will be a learning curve, but he's confident in his team. 

"I feel like I have a decent understanding of what these guys can do," said Smith. "I've watched a lot of film of them doing it at a very high level, so I'm excited to get on the field and get through those first few steps and get up to speed."