Redskins fans come out in full force for first day of training camp

Fans have different ways of showing their excitement for new season

RICHMOND, Va. – There was no shortage of burgundy and gold Thursday morning, and the same could be said of the personalities that were on display.

Brian, from Silver Spring, Maryland, was excited to add to his collection of jerseys.

Redskins fan Brian of Silver Spring, Maryland.

I try to aim for more selected players," said Brian. "I got like 10 last year. Some of them didn't pay off. The Pryor jersey didn't pay off."

Linwood Elliott Jr. has a more personal connection to the team. He's been a fan since 1963.

Redskibns fan Linwood Elliott Jr.

"My baby girl babysat D. Hall and he played football at Deep Creek. That's where we're from," said Elliott.

But perhaps the greatest fan of them all is the "Rally Captain" himself, who even has a custom-made chain.

Redskins Rally Captain.

"If you see someone else with this, call the police because they probably stole it," the "Rally Captain" said of his chain. 

The "Rally Captain" also has a flag to showcase all of the away games he has attended. 

"I go to every away game and you see it. I'm missing basically five more stadiums, and once I complete it, I'll start the cycle all over again," he said. 

While all the fans root for the same team, everyone has their own reasons for excitement in 2018.

"Well, the most exciting thing is that we got Alex Smith," said Elliott. 

The rally captain agreed, saying, "seeing what Alex Smith is going to be able to do for our squad" is the most exciting part for him. 

For Brian, "It's Guice. He brings the energy that's unmatched." 


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