Will Byron visits students at Martinsville Speedway

Byron discussed iRacing and its impact on him


RIDGEWAY, Va. – It's not a video game but rather a step above. iRacing is known as the world's premier motorsports racing simulator and it's giving the new generation a jump-start on a possible racing career. 

"I was like wow man. I've never done this before. I thought it was awesome but definitely getting behind the wheel was kind of different," said Brody Boyd. He's a motorsports student at nearby Patrick Henry Community College.

Boyd along with other students from Martinsville and Magna Vista high schools, had the chance to meet NASCAR driver, William Byron, who started on iRacing growing up.

"(It was) a critical part of my growth as a driver. I feel like it was the only way I could get involved in racing was through iRacing," Byron said.

While it may look like all fun and games, Byron has benefited from using iRacing and has now turned it into a lifestyle as he competes on Sundays in the Cup Series.

"I've raced for six years now in real life but I feel like iRacing still gives me that way to look back and understand some things better," said Byron. 

As the motorsports students took the wheel, they draw motivation in seeing the 20-year-old Byron live out his lifelong dream on the NASCAR circuit.

"Very encouraging to know you can actually do that with NASCAR and stuff but, I know it takes different steps. It's really cool and inspiring to me," said Boyd.

"It feels great to be able to give back and see other people get a passion for what I like to do also," said Byron.

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