Cave Spring vs. Hidden Valley rivalry renewed for basketball season

Titans and Knights boys met on the court Tuesday night

ROANOKE – When Hidden Valley High School opened in 2002 after overcrowding at Cave Spring, a rivalry was born. Tuesday night in Roanoke County, the two boys basketball teams met in another installment of the Titans-Knights clash.

"I wasn't here for the big turmoil of the schools splitting, and the hatred that it was then. I think it's lessened a little bit but I think every year when it's the Hidden Valley Cave Spring it's such a fun atmosphere. Both student sections show up. The whole community comes out. It's a great atmosphere for all of our student athletes," said Cave Spring boys basketball coach Jacob Gruse.

"You can always throw the records out in a rivalry game. Over the years, I guess I've been here 15 years now I've been here, I've seen a lot of big games. A lot of close games. And it's been a lot of fun, but it's just a community. We're a couple miles apart and when they split the schools I think it just fueled that rivalry and you've got kids playing against people they're friends with," Hidden Valley boys basketball coach Kevin Burcham.

Though both teams have the rivalry game circled on the calendar,  the players agree it's a friendly feud.

It's cool in game but something that makes it even better is that we grew up with those kids. We don't go to school with them now but guys on travel teams and middle school and stuff. I'm really tight with some of those guys, but in game it just makes it even better. The rivalry, you really want to beat those guys in particular just because you know them so well," Titans senior Joe Lichtenstein said.

I'm friends with basically everybody on that team. I've known them my entire life. As soon as I came to Cave Spring in 8th grade I've been playing against them so yeah we talk trash," said Knights senior Crawford Enyart.

Cave Spring edged Hidden Valley 57-53 Tuesday night, but the teams will meet again Saturday in The Lea's High School Winter Classic at the Berglund Center.