Virginia Tech anxious to begin spring football

Hokies look to build with young talent again in 2019

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Spring football is on the horizon here in Blacksburg and after all of the offseason changes with players exiting and the addition of some new assistants, head coach Justin Fuente said he and his staff are anxious to cultivate leadership for a team that will once again be relatively young.

"We'll start with the fundamentals and the basics and push our way through those 15 practices trying to obviously improve and, you know, hopefully we've got some guys that have gotten some experience, that maybe we'll be able to move a little quicker," Fuente said. 

The defensive side of the ball is where the Hokies experienced the most growing pains. They allowed an average of 91 more rushing yards then they did in 2017. But as defensive coordinator Bud Foster explained, the experience the young players -- such as a Emmanuel Belmar and Rayshard Ashby -- gained was invaluable.

"It's just challenging within -- guys to know what the expectations are and then challenge each other to live up to those expectations. I think that's what leaders do," said Foster. 

"Our vibe in the locker room is just crazy right now," said senior safety Reggie Floyd.

"Everybody's pumped up to get back on the field and the main thing is just to keep that vibe how it is right now, to maintain it throughout the season the whole way so it won't die down."

Virginia Tech will be without 13 players during the spring who either have not been medically cleared to practice or who have not been cleared for contact. Justin Fuente also announced that opening practice has been moved back to March 20 after spring break. However the spring game will still be slated for April 13 at Lane Stadium.

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