Virginia Tech and Liberty basketball programs share NCAA Tournament spotlight

The Hokies and Flames meet in the 2nd Round Sunday

SAN JOSE, Calif. – You wouldn't expect to travel 2,700 miles to see Liberty play Virginia Tech but that's a good metaphor for just how far these two programs have come.

Liberty's win over Mississippi State was their 29th this season, it's the fourth season and Richie Mckays return to Lynchburg. That is up from 13 wins on is return season. The A-Sun title and NCAA win just two more steps in this programs ascension.

"For me, I've been here throughout the entire journey I've been able to get better each and every year. He's help me become a better leader vocally, off the court, just building the culture around. I think we've done a pretty good job of excelling Liberty basketball to where it is now and it's only going get better in the future," said Liberty's Lovell Cabbil Jr. 

"We got better since the beginning, since my freshman year and we see those. You know man all our hard work, all the meetings. We're going to remember those but we just want to keep accomplishing other goals we have in our minds," said Georgie Pacheco-Ortiz.

Virginia Tech's rise under Buzz Williams has been equally dramatic. From an 11 win season. To four straight 20 wins seasons and three straight NCAA berths and now a tournament win and there's still more to be done.

"There's definitely a lot more to be done but I think it's been a great ride so far. You know when unbelievable great coaches, great team, just over the years we just got a little bit better every year and I think will continue to do that even after I'm gone as well," said Hokies Ahmed Hill.

Wabissa Bede/Hokies Guard

 "I came here when the house was halfway built. We were near a second story. J-Rob (Justin Robinson), Med (Ahmed Hill) came from the foundation bringing the wood on their backs, building the house. So I joined the house, just me helping on building out that Mansion and we're trying to do and I think the mansions looking pretty good right now," said Wabissa Bede.

Virginia Tech feels like Liberty is underrated and Liberty thinks Virginia Tech is loaded. One of the two will be a Sweet 16 team Sunday night.