Virginia looks to play their own pace against Auburn in Final Four

Cavaliers defense prepares for Tigers up-tempo play

Minneapolis, MN – With Virginia, this is a familiar storyline. Auburn is the porsche looking to go at max RPM's, and Virginia is the humvee, rugged but in no particular hurry.

Auburn has won 12 in a row turning defense into offense, toppling Kansas, North Carolina and Kentucky they averaged 88 points per game they want to overrun the pack line with their up-tempo style.

That's the goal. I don't want to talk too much trash, but that's the goal to try and turn them over here and I'll get in the fast breaks going so you know they're a good team that's obvious so I'll just try and do our best to irritate him be some pests out there on the floor," said Auburn guard Malik Dunbar.

"It favors them because they're capable of slowing the ball down and hold the ball for 20 to 25 seconds each possession, but we're just going to try and run on them, misses, makes,  we're going to try and run, that's what we do," said Auburn guard Samir Doughty.

Virginia has held opposing teams to 55 points per game.  That is first in division one hoops. They are fifth in the nation in opposing field goal percentage. They're disciplined, deliberate, with a side of toughness tossed in.

"Yeah I think I think we do a really good job of imposing our will, I guess you could say. They really play fast, they really get up and down the court you saw them run against Carolina and Kansas but I think yeah impose our will, in slowing down the pace and really get a good shot on offense and then set our defense on the defensive end," said Virginia guard Kihei Clark.