Kid manager for baseball team loses it

Usually, when a player or coach gets kicked out of a game, it's anything but cute. But you could say this is downright adorable.

KALAMAZOO, MI – When a player or coach is ejected from a baseball game, it is anything but cute.

But a recent ejection could be called downright adorable.

This is Coach Drake of the Kalamazoo Growlers in the Northwoods League.

As you can see, the six-year-old is not pleased with the umpire on this particular night.

After being tossed from the game, the little fella did some tossing of his own -- tossing some bats on the field, tossing a bucket of balls and finally, spiking his hat down on home plate.

But don't you worry, coach drake will not be shown his thinking corner for his actions.

The big league temper tantrum happened between innings and was all in good fun.