Former Virginia Tech basketball stars return home, self-quarantine after pro seasons cut short

Regan Magarity and Taylor Emery were both playing in Europe

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Like many athletes around the world, Taylor Emery and Regan Magarity’s professional basketball seasons overseas were canceled or postponed due to coronavirus concerns.

Former Virginia Tech guard Taylor Emery was playing in Poland and forward Regan Magarity was playing in France.

“Honestly, I think I heard about it maybe a couple weeks ago,” Emery said via FaceTime from her home in Blacksburg. “We didn’t know what was going on as far as if they were canceling seasons, quarantining certain countries, but as soon as the NBA shut down, everyone else got shut down.”

For Magarity, she was taking a break from her professional team to compete with the Sweden National Team in the Olympic qualifiers. That was when she first heard about the virus.

“One of our players played in China so she was telling us a little bit about it,” Magarity said via FaceTime from her home in Sweden. “Then throughout that tournament and when I came back to France, it definitely exploded over Europe and the world and a lot of people were aware of it.”

Emery’s season was cut short just before playoffs and Magarity’s is postponed until further notice. Both players are being quarantined for 14 days after coming from “hot zones” or areas with a large virus outbreak.

“Even though I could be perfectly fine, and I feel fine, I just don’t want to hurt someone knowing that I could have had it and didn’t quarantine like they told me to,” Emery said.

Now like many athletes, fans, coaches, teams far and wide, they’re learning how to live in a life without basketball.

“It’s definitely not like I expected, we all miss basketball we all miss sports, but unfortunately we all have to do whatever it takes for us to all stay healthy,” Magarity finished.

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