These 7 NFL teams are rolling out new looks -- love them or hate them?

Or can’t you tell the difference? (We’re looking at you, Colts)

An NFL logo.
An NFL logo. (2008 Getty Images)

With live competitions on hold as the coronavirus pandemic continues, the world probably hasn’t seen as many sports headlines in recent weeks -- and now this week alone, we already have a major NFL trade deal (tight end Rob Gronkowski will join quarterback Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, the Buccaneers confirmed), the unveiling of new NFL uniforms for some teams, and the 2020 Draft remains set for Thursday.

Phew. What a great week, all things considered!

Let’s get back to those uniforms and new looks. Some changes are major -- the Los Angeles Chargers got some love on Twitter for their fresh threads. Other tweaks aren’t as significant; for example, as is the case with the Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let’s go through the uniforms team by team, and talk about what we know and see so far.

Los Angeles Chargers

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Pretty cool with the all-white and all-navy combos, and we dig the number on the helmet.

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