After 4 years as an assistant, Will Fields ready to lead Alleghany football

A renewed focus on strength and conditioning is one of the biggest changes Fields is looking to bring the program.

COVINGTON, Va. – He has spent the past four seasons as an assistant, but now, Will Fields is ready to lead the charge as head coach for the Alleghany Mountaineers.

“I feel like I know what needs to be done,” said Fields.

He has a wealth of experience after leading the Bath County Chargers for 14 seasons, gaining 87 wins and a state title trip in 2002.

While they’re two different schools, Fields said some of the same philosophies apply to both.

“Make some of the disadvantages that you have, advantages. Have the kids believe that just because we’re small doesn’t mean we can’t be competitive and get after it,” Fields said. “At Bath, we were always one of the 5 or 6 small schools in the state and it’s something we took pride in."

Being competitive and creating a successful environment are the main goals Fields has for the Mountaineers, a program that hasn’t had a ton of recent success-- just one win over the past two seasons. But Fields said the program has taken strides and hopes it will take an even bigger stride with a more concerted effort on the strength and conditioning program.

“Strength and conditioning during the school day. We’re a rural division, our enrollment is shrinking so kids live far away from school,” said Fields.

And while they can’t get a jump start on things now, Fields stays in constant contact with his team via texts and social media-- hopeful he can create a winning culture at the home of the Mountaineers.

“Kids need to have that feeling that they have a chance, and once they have a chance they’ll put their effort forward,” Fields said.

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