Liberty High School’s Millie Thompson ready for the next chapter

Star pitcher Thompson will be heading to play at Clemson in the fall

Thompson preps for Clemson after senior season canceled
Thompson preps for Clemson after senior season canceled

BEDFORD, Va. – Liberty High School’s Millie Thompson was looking for one last state championship to end out her senior year.

“The last time we played, Dad was like, ‘This is may be your last game,’ and I was like, ‘this is not true,’” Millie said. “Obviously in the back of my mind, I felt that, I just didn’t want to feel it.”

Millie’s dad, head coach Mike Thompson, was tasked with breaking the news of the season being canceled due to the coronavirus and has seen firsthand the effects it has had on his daughter.

“It’s tough on all of them. It’s tough on the underclassmen as well. They’re losing a year of experience as well," said Mike.

“It’s like I didn’t get to say goodbye," Millie added. “It’s really hard. I just miss all the girls and the relationships, that’s been the worst part for me.”

Millie still has more softball to play though, she’s heading to Clemson in the fall to join their new program.

“They had their first year cut short which is awful, so I’ll hopefully be the first full-year at Clemson softball,” she said.

But one thing they both wish for is some kind of start date to work towards.

“Not having that, being so up in the air, we’re trying to get out to throw a little bit, hit a little bit,” Mike said.

“I think that this teaches me that you don’t get everything you want, you have to be happy with what you have, with my family and everything else, that’s what I’ve been focusing on right now,” Millie finished.

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