Backpacking with Brooke: Stiles Falls Hike

This hike took us around 2 hours and is very well maintained with great views

SHAWSVILLE, Va. – Stiles Falls is a 3.7 mile out-and-back hike located at the back of Camp Alta Mons.

You’ll park in the visitors section of the camp. Make sure to read the information board and sign in. The hike will start to the left.

For the first mile or so, you will be walking through the camp on a gravel road. There are huge signs that tell you which way to go as well. You’ll pass a little pond on your way, and cross a creek.

Then the path opens up to a big reason why I love Southwest Virginia: the view was amazing!

We went at about 4:00 and this part of the hike didn’t have a ton of shade. So wear your sunscreen and stay hydrated!

You’ll pass another sign that tells you to stay to the left and the gravel road turns grassy. Thankfully this section was cool and shaded.

After a few meters, you will arrive at the trail map to Stiles Falls. This section runs right next to a stream, and the map says you will cross it 3 different times.

We went after a lot of rain so we couldn’t cross at the first spot. We walked down the bank a little to find a dryer place to cross.

We thought Greely (the dog) could lead the way, but he wasn’t as worried about staying dry as we were. There is no set path for crossing, so do what feels safe. I had on my chacos, so i just walked through the ankle deep water.

Make sure to follow the white blazes here on out!

This path will take you through the woods along the creek. There’s little boxes along the way with nature facts to provide a little education about the area on your hike.

After walking where its flat for so long, there are some places that feel steep. But the views along this trail quickly make you forget.

After the final crossover, you’re on the home stretch. There’s a quick rock scramble, and you’ve arrived!

It was a beautiful waterfall nestled in the mountains.

This hike took us around 2 hours and is very well maintained with great views.

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