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Annual Metro Golf tournament returns at Botetourt GC-as an Invitational

Golf Pro Jeff Sprinkel upgrades the field

Daleville, Va. – The annual Metro golf tournament returns for high school teams next Tuesday August 10th. Except now its the one-day Botetourt Metro Invitational at Botetourt Golf & Swim Club. Golf pro Jeff Sprinkel played in this tournament decades ago, and now wants to be sure the tradition not only continues, but is improved for the high school players.

“I want to bring other teams in. We’ve got teams from Giles to Jefferson Forest to Patrick County --a lot of the top teams coming down to play. So it’s going to join in with that Roanoke Valley. I’ll have 20 total teams and I’ll have eight individuals if you just wanna send in just an individual player I’ll have up to eight individual players. So 108 (total players), that way I can get them around. Inviting other teams that are the top quality teams - I wanted it to be one of the top tournaments anywhere in Southwest Virginia. That’s the vision and that’s what it’s going to be,” Botetourt Golf Club pro Jeff Sprinkel says.

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