Hokies QB battle continues 3 weeks before opener

Bush, Hooker and Jackson all have 3 distinct qualities

By Eric Johnson - Sports Reporter

BLACKSBURG, Va. - It's the biggest question surrounding the Virginia Tech Hokies: Who will be the starting Quarterback? And while there wasn't an answer today, we did hear from the three guys vying for the job.

Justin Fuente said AJ Bush is one of the most athletic players on the team. The 6-foot-4 transfer was drawn to Tech by Funte's track record, and how he tailors his offense to the man under center.

"A big part of it is the system, and the way that they teach it. It's really beneficial because the checks and reads we make, all go hand in hand," said Bush. 

True freshman Hendon Hooker said he's grasping the offense more as fall camp progresses, and much of his offseason concentration was not only on the field but also the weight room.

"Gaining muscle weight and trying to get stronger in different areas- my legs, back and shoulder. I've put on 20 pounds since I enrolled," Hooker said. 

Josh Jackson has more experience said that doesn't necessarily give him the edge in the competition. All three quarterbacks are unique in their style of play and it's a matter of keeping the strengths in the forefront.

"AJ can obviously really run. He's fast, tall and you know just a big guy and the same with Hendon. They're both great athletes so my focus is definitely knowing everything that I can, when it comes to defenses and offenses," said Jackson.

"And making sure I'm accurate as much as I possibly can be."

Regardless of who gets the starting spot, Coach Fuente says the same as last year- the guys behind him will be just as important.

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