Phanatic launches hot dog into Phillies fan's face

Fan not planning legal action over facial injuries

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

The Phillie Phanatic with his hot dog launcher at a Philadelphia Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park in June 2016.

A Philadelphia Phillies fan hit in the face with a hot dog launched into the stands by the Phillie Phanatic said she has no beef with the mascot or the team.

Kathy McVay told WPVI-TV in Philadelphia that she isn't planning any legal action after suffering facial injuries at Monday night's Phillies game.

McVay was seated behind home plate when the mascot used his customary hot dog launcher to fire frankfurters into the stands. Nursing a shoulder injury that will require surgery, she was unable to catch the airborne sausage or knock it away, she said.

"It just came out of nowhere. And hard," McVay told WPVI.

She left the game to receive medical attention and was diagnosed with a small hematoma.

The Phillies apologized the following day and offered her tickets to any game, according to The Associated Press.

WPVI reports that nobody has been injured by a flying hot dog at Citizens Bank Park before. The Phanatic's tradition of firing the duct tape-wrapped dogs into the stands dates back to the team's time at Veterans Stadium.

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