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Below is a step-by-step guide to HDTV success:

  • First, not all digital televisions have HDTV receivers pre-installed. You’ll want to check to make sure your television has an HDTV receiver. If not, you will need to purchase one. (On Jan 1, 2005, all digital televisions will be required to have an HDTV receiver pre-installed).
  • Once you have confirmed that you have an HDTV receiver, here’s all you need to do to watch WSLS-DT over the air: All you need is a UHF antenna mounted to your roof and connected to your TV’s antennae.
  • To receive the HDTV signal “over the air” some receivers may only require an inside UHF antenna connected to the HDTV set. The cable from the inside antenna must be connected to the HDTV set using the “antenna/cable” input connector.
  • Many locations will require a more efficient antenna to receive the UHF channel 30 HDTV signal. Many styles of antennae are available from various local suppliers.
  • Antennae can be placed in attics, on chimneys, poles or side mounted to houses.
  • The outside antennas can be installed either by yourself or you can get professional installation. Companies are available to provide the antenna and installation service. They can normally be found in the yellow pages section of the telephone book under “television.”
  • If you decide to install the antennas, you must select the proper type of antenna mount for your home. Once installed, the antenna must be pointed towards the WSLS-DT transmitting antenna located on Poor Mountain (see map below).
  • A coaxial cable must be connected from the antenna to the HD TV set antenna/cable input.
  • Normally line of sight from the receive antenna to the transmit antenna is required for the HDTV set to display the HD picture. A trail installation may be necessary to determine if an antenna will function properly at various locations.

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Copyright by WSLS - All rights reserved

WSLS-DT has been broadcasting on UHF channel 30 since April 29th 2002. The WSLS-DT transmitting antenna is located on the WSLS-TV transmission tower on Poor Mountain, southwest of Roanoke.

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