Search warrants on Michael Jenkins show his involvement in hit and run and vehicle fire

Michael Jenkins was arrested for a hit and run in Bedford County and also charged in another incident with being intoxicated in public, felony assault on a firefighter and maliciously throwing missiles at an occupied vehicles.

Search warrants filed in Bedford County Circuit Court show more details into the day both crimes happened.

The search warrants say a witness told investigators the person's SUV and description who left after hitting a bicyclist along Rt. 122. The victim said the person got out of the vehicle and took the bicycle underneath his car then drove off.

Later that day about 10:30 p.m., the Bedford County Sheriff's office were called about a vehicle fire at Jenkins' home on Snowberry Hill in Bedford.

Search warrants stated that officials with the Sheriff's department saw extensive damage on Jenkins' vehicle similar to the damage that would be caused by vehicle/bicycle crash. There was also curved wipe marks visible on the front of the vehicle that the investigator stated "was apparent the vehicle was being cleaned when the fire department arrived on the scene of the fire."

Several items were taken from Jenkins' home including a dark blue long sleeve shirt, a broken plastic glass, and a bottle of cleaner from driveway.

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