Snowville mourns the loss of two to undetermined illness

SNOWVILLE - The community of Snowville is mourning the loss of two people after they became ill and passed away on Friday.  

While health officials still work to determine the identity and cause of the disease, friends of the Simpkins family say that losing mother, Julie, and daughter, Ginger, has hit the tight-knit town hard.  Winfield Covey has known the Simpkins family for more than ten years.  He says they were faithful friends who would always help anyone in need.  They were known for their friendly wave to those passing by.  Neighbors say that Ginger, a student at Dublin Middle School, was excited to soon receive her learner's permit. 

The father, Tim, and the family's other two children, as well as Ginger's boyfriend, were released from the hospital on Sunday.  The family became sick shortly after cleaning out a trailer.  Covey says they were trying to help out a friend who needed a place to stay. 

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