Blue Ridge Marathon 1st Huge Venue for Renovated Elmwood Park

The park was filled with runners who needed a little break after running in Blue Ridge Marathon Races.     

"I just like to travel and run and it's good to be here"John Carter visiting from West Virginia said.

President of the Blue Ridge Marathon Board Pete Eshelman says having the Marathon at the newly renovated Elmwood Park was perfect.

"Right there we have the new amphitheater we had live music throughout the day a big concert that night the feedback from the runners has been excellent,"  Eshelman said. 

Two thousand Runners participated in the event so to keep the park volunteers from Roanoke Clean Valley Council picked up 2 tons of trash from the race and activities later that evening.

"When you see the huge trash can that only has a few bags in it and then you see big stack of cardboard and compost that went off it's exciting," Cristina  Siegel Executive Director of Clean Valley Council said.

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