Daniels Making Mark for Rockets

      Over the past ten years Roanoke has developed into a hotbed for basketball talent.
One coach who has seen all that--is Mickey Hardy.  He's been the head man at William Fleming for eleven years, and has coached one of those hot players.  Hardy says it's a blessing to see Troy Daniels out there playing at the NBA level for the Houston Rockets. Hardy says J.J. Redick and George Lynch are other examples of players in the NBA from the area.

     The William Fleming standout turned VCU Ram and now Houston Rocket specialist Troy Daniels is making a splash with his patented jumper.  Hardy explains that what makes Troy special is his ability to shoot the ball.  Hardy says he's always known that...and it's paying dividends now.

     On a team as deep as the Rockets, Troy had to bide his time and play the specialist roll..something his old coach says...Troy knows how to do. Houston currently trails Portland three games to one in their best of seven Western Conference playoffs series.>

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