BT4U App Helps Users Find Efficient Routes for Bus

Blacksburg Transit Officials released the "BT4U" app.

The app is designed to help users navigate through Blacsksburg's bus system as well give feedback to BT officials.

"Once we better understand how our passengers use the system can we modify the system or modify passenger behavior to help save green house gases and energy reduction" Tim Witten with Blacksburg Transit said 

The app launched this week and so far over 600 people have downloaded. 

It was developed by Automation Creations Inc. and NOMAD as part of a $1.85 million dollar Transit Investment for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction grant.  

Developers say now the next step is to refine the app.

"We're really looking at that data how much data comes in how frequently all of that stuff is really interesting and learning and taking that data and make it into information,"  Jason Herald Developer with ACI said.

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