The Salvation Army receives matching grant after raising $58,000

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The Salvation Army receives matching grant after raising $58,000 (Image 1)

For the past several months the Salvation Army has hit the ground fundraising for a promised matching grant.

Back at the beginning of the year two anonymous donors promised a total of $103,000. if the non-profit raised $58,000.

With just days before the deadline the Salvation Army says they not only raised the needed money, but an additional $5,700 as well.    

This is good news, because the non-profit was down in donations for 2013 after a very short giving season.

The Turning Point Women's Shelter and men's Red Shield Lodge were facing cuts if this goal wasn't met.

"We were a little nervous, because it was very quick and the deadline was quick and also after you just spent a lot of your time out on the streets asking for money in front of stores at Christmas time it's hard to go back to the public oh we need more money, but people have been more than generous," said Captain Ken Argot.

One of the requirements for the grant is for the Salvation Army to prove it's financially sustainable so donations are still needed.

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