We Run Roanoke challenges with running and ice

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We Run Roanoke challenges with running and ice (Image 1)

We Run Roanoke is a group I heard about from a co-worker and then found them on Facebook.  A man named Sherman decided that it would be cool to create a running group much like the ones he had been a part of in bigger cities.

The group started small with just a handful of people and now with more than five hundred sixty Facebook friends the runner and walker friendly group has become part of the Roanoke running community.

The "go at your own pace" attitude is what many of us who love running want those who don't to experience. 

About ten years ago I decided to stop hating running.  Ever since I was a young girl I had been intimidated by it.  I was a chubby girl in elementary school and when we had to run the 600 for the Presidential Physical Fitness Award I always felt like I was going to die afterward.  In college I ran, but mainly to try to "stay in shape."

I have found the side of running that clears your mind, allows you to focus only on the sound of your breath, the new play list you created or the thoughts that randomly filter through the brain in no particular order.

It is a joy for me to be able to put one foot in front of the other.  There is a freedom that comes with running.

It doesn't matter how fast or how many miles just putting one foot in front of the other if you run you are a "runner."


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