"BeamerBall" Spawned a Conference-Wide Trend

     It is clear by the success Frank Beamer has had--that he had a good idea and ran with it. And in the coaching profession, Virginia Tech's veteran coach has since been faced with "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"...as many of the up and coming college football coaches have taken Coach Beamer's "Beamer Ball" philosophy and copied it. Coach Beamer was one of the first to put a large emphasis in special teams play, specifically putting some of his best athletes on the punt and kick coverage, return and block teams. The results was game after game--turning on a big play because the Hokies had a better athlete on the field than the other guys. Beamerball became a catch phrase for a team that scored one or more non-offensive touchdowns in a game.  

       North Carolina Coach Larry Fedora admits that Coach Beamer made the blueprint, and now much of the league..and indeed the country...have followed his lead. Coach Beamer says he thinks everyone now understands how important those areas of the game are.


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