Search warrants show possible meth manufacturing in home on Nemmo Rd

BEDFORD COUNTY (WSLS) - Bedford County Sheriff's Department is investigating after a search on Nemmo Rd. on Monday July 28.

The sheriff's department, including the SWAT team, executed search warrants at the home. According to the search warrant, police were looking for a person who had outstanding warrants and believed to be manufacturing meth.

According to the search warrant, Dustin Ayers had outstanding warrants out of Shenandoah County for one count of rape/knowledge of a child 13 to 14 years old, and one county of indecent liberties of a child 15 years old. 

Before the search, police took in Joshua Howell, Ayers' cousin, and Imanual Arevalo for narcotics. 

Howell said he brought Ayers, who was staying at the home on Nemmo Rd., items that his cousin used to manufacture meth in the "one pot" method. 

Howell said he had seen Ayers manufacture meth at the home in the past month. 

When police went to serve warrants at the home on Nemmo Road, a person left the home at a high speed and was unable to be stopped by police.

Arvalo said he didn't go inside the home and only waited in the vehicle. 

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