New paved test track advances Volvo's vision for growth in the New River Valley

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New paved test track advances Volvo's vision for growth in the New River Valley (Image 1)

DUBLIN (WSLS) - When employees are empowered to grow their futures the results can be amazing.

Last year, Volvo plant leaders in Dublin said plans were in the beginning stages for a test track next to the facility. The goal then and now is to grow business by allowing potential buyers to test drive all of the many trucks that are manufactured in the New River Valley.

Nine employees used skills outside of their Volvo work to design and build the test track. 

Billy Ogle is one of those employees, "It is neat they recognized there are people here in this plant that are multi-talented. It is just so neat to be able to have a little say so in my future that's what that is our future out there you know?"

In addition to the paved test track, the Volvo plant also offers a rougher terrain for VDH trucks to simulate a construction site atmosphere. 

Virginia Governor Terry McAulliffe was in town for the announcement.

He would like to see even more growth, "When it comes to Volvo and the New River Valley obviously it is growing tremendously, five hundred jobs since the beginning of the year. I would like to see all of their operations here. You know they have their sales office in North Carolina, we gotta get that out of North Carolina.  It has got to be here in Virginia where they belong."

Lars Blomberg had a vision for the test track and the NRV plant. He has been the Vice President and General Manager for the last three years. He will head back to Sweden soon and Franky Marchand will take over.

Blomberg says, "I have loved everyday I have been here.  This is such a great area, such great people.  I will truly miss it."

The employees who were critical to the success of the test track project were given awards for their hard work. Those awards have the words Twin Oaks Track because in the construction process two old oak trees were preserved.

Franky Marchand has worked at Volvo for the last 12 years. He previously was the Vice President of logistics.

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