Craig County schools get renovated just in time before open house

Criag Co. (WSLS) The hallways at Craig County High School may be empty now but come next week they will be filled with students.

Before teachers left for summer break the school looked different.

There are now new bathrooms, ceiling tiles and light fixtures which teachers say give the school a warm and welcoming look.

Craig County School Superintendent Kelly Wilmore is grateful for the change. Wilmore says he asked the Craig County Board of Supervisors for $5.4 million dollars but the county says they didn't have the funds.

Instead Wilmore came up with another plan with the county to pay for lights, ceiling tiles and a new roof and air conditioning for the high school. It cost just under $300 thousand dollars.

The labor to install the tiles and ceiling equipment was completed by volunteers.

Craig County schools have class on Monday August 18th.

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