Looking back at Cabell Brand's life

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Looking back at Cabell Brand's life (Image 1)

ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - The community is mourning the loss of Cabell Brand who passed away Thursday. He was 91 years old.

Back in the 1960's Brand worked with local leaders to receive federal funding for TAP.

"It'll mean a lot to the whole area to the Roanoke Valley, Botetourt County, Bedford County," said Cabell in an interview when the organization announced it received funding in the mid 1960's 

He wanted to help others even when others around him questioned at the time the importance of helping the poor.

"I think we do need resources in our country as to how much money needs to be spent on what," said Cabell in an interview in 1969. "I believe the program here in training people to be productive citizens is a top priority."

Brand's work didn't stop at TAP either. He helped create the first Head Start program in the state, and a project which provides clean water to rural homes in Virginia.

Annette Lewis, the interim president at TAP says Brand is a legend, and a man who has taught her so much.

"If I learned anything from him is to look at what can be done and not let obstacles stand in your way," says Lewis.

Brand has even influenced others to give back. Lashanda Ellington was part of Project Discovery which helped first generation college students and is now a teacher at TAP.

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