Tasty Tuesday: The Palisades Restaurant

Feel the comfort of home while trying something new

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ROANOKE, Va. – Shaena Muldoon, owner of the Palisades Restaurant, was just awarded “Restaurateur of the Year” by the Virginia Restaurant, Lodging and Tourism Association earlier this month.

When you walk into her Giles County restaurant, you can feel the comfort of home but also order something you've never tried before.

"We have things on the menu that people are comfortable with, but then we twist it up a bit."

Part of that twist comes from the fact that Muldoon has lived overseas in Spain, Portugal, Austria and even Antarctica.

"Having grown up here and then having my international experience, I thought that combination would help guide the menu and also guide us to where we are now."

You can have pizza or a pork chop, or you can try boar, Wagyu beef, trout or even a pear and brie quesadilla.

That's where chef, Bryan Poole, comes in. Poole started as a dishwasher at IHOP, but is now known for his creative dishes.

One of the favorites we tried was an apple treat unilke anything you've had before. He takes the core off the apple, then tosses what's left of the apple into a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, chinese five spice and more. It then gets put in the frier, onto a plate and is decorated with lime and ice cream.

As for how his creativity blossoms, it quite simple.

"Driving down the street...something can just pop in your head."

Their menu changes with the seasons, which makes going there more of a treat. The Palisades Restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday starting at 4:30 p.m. They do accept reservations.

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